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I know what you mean, I use to stand shoulder to shoulder where the Mississippi dumps into Lake Bemidji when i was in college tossing jigs for walleye, sometimes until midnight.

Chicago might be the best kept urban fishing secret ive ever seen. I was shocked at the size of lakers the handful of perch fisherman were picking up in open water between Navy Pier and the water plant

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Spent many hours below the catching and releasing 1 to 1 1/2’ “paddle fish”. Later we’d go up to the old power damn in Coralville and catch and release catfish on the south eastern sand bars. (Prior to Iowa River Power restaurant time.) Many an afternoon and evening would find a few of us with our poles in the water and none of us having bait on so the fish wouldn’t distract from an otherwise perfect evening. On afternoons when it was too hot the rope swing,up river across from what is now the Hotel complex, was the ticket to cool down.

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Hi, Chirs! Thanks for all you do. I host an Iowa-based livestream www.podcastbygeorge.com and would like to interview you via StreamYard (Smilar to Zoom) about the water catastrophe in Iowa. Please let me now if this is possible. You can email me regarding same at www.gaclark99@live.com

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